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Forgive me as I take a break from my normal writings about some aspect of my teaching, the poor and Christianity.  I’d like to divulge in one of my passions, baseball.

It’s been a frustrating baseball season.  My team, the White Sox currently stand at 63 wins, 63 losses.  Now most seasons in most divisions in baseball I wouldn’t be frustrated any longer.  If the Sox played in any other division in baseball they’d be hopelessly out of contention. Instead we’re only 5.5 games out of first, with 6 left against the Tigers whom we’re chasing and 8 against the Indians, the team just ahead of us.

I’d actually would be less frustrated being a fan of a .500 team in another division because, well, like most teams in those other divisions, the season’s over.  The hope of football is around the corner for fans in many places in the country.  But not for the Sox fan.

Instead, as .500 teams do, they’re good enough to win some games, you know, get your hopes up.  They’re also bad enough to lose some games, you know dash your hopes.  And just when those hopes begin to be dashed, they win a few more, hopes up, lose some, lose hope, etc. etc.

Fans of teams like the Sox play a lot of what if games.  What if Adam Dunn had hit like he had any other year?  What if Alex Rios had played like he did last year?  What if the bullpen hadn’t had a horrible early stretch of blowing games?  Surely those what ifs add up to 5 or six more wins and a dead heat race with the Tigers.

I’ll keep cheering, monitoring little simulated baseball fields on Yahoo sports to keep up with the games, muttering at ESPN showing another game involving a Boston, NY, Phil and Atl. team.  Baseball season is great fun for me.  Except for this year.  Oh, go Sox!

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