Today, Tuesday

“Well I’m glad you’re back today”, I said to the young man, “Don” who had entered my room.

“I wouldn’t welcome me back”, is what he had said to me.

“Hey Don, good to see you today” I said as Don, pants slung too low, sullen look on his face, came down the hall to my room.

Last Thursday.

….I’ve got to remember to welcome him back next week..I thought to myself.

A student privately tells me that Don had done it.

“Thanks for cleaning that up Lakeisha” I said to the young lady by my desk.

“Mr. Gantz, I’ll clean it up, for real, I’ll do it” Lakeisha had said to me upon seeing me walk into the room.

I noticed my desk and the floor area surrounding it strewn with garbage from my now empty garbage can.

I greeted Don as he entered my room.

I see Don, on whose behalf I had called home the day before to try to head off some negative behaviors.

Last Wednesday

Don, the model student for me thus far enters my room.

This is what we are instructed to do for those who do us wrong.  It’s not easy.  With God’s help we can.

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