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August 18

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The date was supposed to be August 11.  A family members brother beat us to it and took that date.  I couldn’t ask my sister and her husband to choose between going to my wedding or his brothers wedding, so it was a week later.  The year was 1990, the year of weddings, three Laubers and two Gantzes married.

The church was all set up, the food ordered, the musicians practiced up.  The relatives were in town, a family reunion taking place.  The temperature rose along with the humidity. I’ve never been more nervous driving as I was that weekend, as in, this would be the worst time to have an accident.  The guests were shown to their seats, Dave Claus putting on a wonderful concert on the piano.  Then it began.  The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba signaled my brides entrance.  We heard our friend Ron Hall’s charge to us.  Love her as Christ loved the Church.

OK, so love her as Christ loved the church.  I may not be up to this task.  He gave Himself up for her.  The words struck.  What am I to give up for her?  My money?  Easy, I didn’t have any.  My car?  I was glad to marry someone with a decent car!  My sports?  No more basketball at church 2 or 3 nights a week at church as I’d been accustomed to doing.  So what did Christ give up for the church?  Everything,  “but (he) emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant”.  Ultimately Christ gave up His life for the church.  Is this preacher telling me I’m supposed to do that for her?

The day progressed nicely.  The cake was cut, the rice thrown, relief that it’d all gone well.  We were off to unbeknownst to us would become our future homestate of Wisconsin.  The symbol I wore on my ring finger was on the bottom of Lake Michigan 3 days later.  We headed to Stormy Lake actually stopping in some one horse town called Lily (where we’d buy our first house) for a cold drink and snack.  (Some of the family was at Stormy Lake and I had a unique experience.  Grandpa Schell and his new wife Florence were there with mom and dad.  A few years previous when Grandpa was married he honeymooned at Stormy Lake and I was there.  So Grandpa and I were with each other on each of our honeymoons!)

We arrived to our new apartment along the tracks in Downers Grove and life as a couple was under way.  Have I fulfilled the love her as Christ loved the church call?  Well 22 years of marriage has increased my love and appreciation of her.  No one’s ever had it better in a marriage!  (and I hope each of you who are married say the same of your own marriage.)  I pray that people, our kids, relatives, friends, students see our marriage as an example.  Not of me or us, but of what Paul intended when he wrote those words that struck me that day.

My A to Z Olympic Blog

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Archery My last week of summer vacation allowed me to watch something I’ve never watched before. It was something to watch the pressure get to some athletes who choked under the pressure.
Bolt Amazing, although I wish he had humility to match his talent.
Capitol HS Baton Rouge Graduate Seimone Augustus wins the gold in women’s basketball!
Cheating Every Olympics someone has it taken after it’s discovered they cheated. It happened again this year (Belarus’s Nadzeya Ostapchuk)
Douglas, as in Gabby A top athlete with a beautiful smile who gives glory to God! She’s the new Mary Lou!
Equestrian I think they should give the horses the medals, they’re the real athletes.
Flags Since when did these symbols of a country become a shawl to wear around the neck?
Gold What must it be like to stand up there and receive one of those things? I guess Michael Phelps would know the best.
How about Michael Phelps?
India 1 billion people, no golds, 8 total medals. Poverty trumps athletics.
Jacob Varner I didn’t see it, NBC probably didn’t show it in primetime (although twice I saw them air a half hour special on the ’92 dream team) but this man won a gold medal in wrestling a sport the US won a few medals in.
Kazakhstan (The 9th largest country in the world) The first gold I saw on the first Saturday. A bike rider from Kazakhstan and a rider from Columbia are neck and neck after 100 miles of a road bike race. The Columbian looks back for a split second and boom, Kazakhstan blows by him and wins the gold. Lesson, don’t look back.
Lithuania Deport me, whatever¸ I don’t care, I was pulling for them against the US in basketball.
Maroney The overwhelming favorite in the women’s gymnastics vault who fell and won a silver. The look on her face on the medal stand told it all, a silver is not why she, nor a lot of athletes came to London.
Nice Job London From Beckham driving the torch down the Thames in a motorboat to views of the city streets during the road races in biking, you showed well.
Omar Abdou Ahmed and Saleh Emera Two Egyptian wrestlers who missed their bouts because they weren’t aware of the time. Always be prepared!
Pistorius Did you see the South African with artificial legs run his way into the semifinals of the 400? Amazing, should’ve given him an honorary medal.
Queen Elizabeth Exactly what I’d expect a queen to be like. She makes me wish we had a queen!
Rio De Janeiro Should’ve been Chicago’s games in 2016. Will Rio be ready? Time will tell.
Sikhs An awful reminder in the middle of the games that these are indeed just games.
Television Our ticket to the games, as frustrating as it may be at times. Bob Costas is great, although I wished the announcers would rip the athletes like they do on a football or baseball game. “He fell off the high bar. What’s this chump doing on the Olympic team?”
Uganda A runner from this central African nation Stephen Kiprotich wins the gold in the Marathon. Imagine the nationwide pride for their one Olympic medal!
Volleyball on the ‘beach’ in front of 10 Downing St. Immodesty of some athletes takes away from their amazing skill.
Water sports Canoe, kayak, rowing, swimming, diving and allegedly sailing (although I think NBC forgot about it). The best part of the Olympics for me. Fun to watch athletes doing activities I love to take part in myself.
Will Claye Double medal winner in the long and triple jumps who clutched a Bible while holding the US flag. I liked it!
Xavier Barachet A French team handball player, a sport that leads to a bunch of us watch and say “I could do that”.
Youth A 15 year old swimmer, Katie Ledecky going into her sophomore year won the gold for the US. What were you doing at age 15?
Z No countries that begin with this letter won a gold although Brazil, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, and Czech Republic did win golds. Zimbabwe had a swimmer finish 6th which if they awarded medals to 6th place I imagine would be zinc