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4 days in the spring (March Madness Edition)

The other day I posted on facebook something that revealed both my passion for sports and how that passion at times takes my eyes off of what is most important.

I wrote how I love March for the sports.  Basketball, baseball and golf all have marquee events in the next month which I get really excited about.  I spend a lot of time reading, watching, and generally daydreaming about these events and how my teams will do.  It’s fun, a stress reliever from the daily grind.

Sunday as our pastor is continuing through a series on John it hit me like a ton of bricks.  We listened to Pastor Bridges exposit the story of the last supper and the foot washing at the last supper.  If you’re not up on the chronology of things related to the last week of Jesus life (before resurrection) it happened very quickly.  He entered Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday.  Thursday of the week was the last supper, praying in the garden, and arrest.  Friday was the trial, crucifixion and burial.  And Sunday it all ended with the resurrection!   4 days and it was all over!  Everything!

Four of history’s most important days happened at this time of year.  This year they fall smack in the middle of all of the sports craziness that I spoke about earlier.  And what did I post about on facebook?  The sports.  My heart sank as I realized that what was on my mind was sports and not the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior.

LORD forgive me of my wayward thoughts at this important time of year.  Allow me to enjoy these sporting events that you gave me a love for, but not at the expense of meditating on the 4 days that changed everything, for me, for my family, my friends, forever.  Allow me to remember the words of the hymn that I’ve always loved.  “Man of Sorrows, what a Name, for the Son of Man who came, ruined sinners (and sports fans) to proclaim, Hallelujah, what a Savior!”  Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

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