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I usually try to write about my work, my Christian life and how they relate to each other. Sometimes I digress and write about something totally different and this is one such blog.

Geography has always been a passion of mine. Maps on the wall in my bedroom as a kid (my wife didn’t think it’d be great decor for our bedroom), falling asleep reading encyclopedias, getting a World Almanac every year for Christmas was what I looked forward to the most.

So I’m going to write about geography. I’ll try not to bore you with intellectual discussions of the theme of movement as demonstrated by the Berbers or something like that, although that might be interesting. I’ll try to refrain from making references to the Mercator projection, or even  how the glaciers sculpted Wisconsin’s beautiful landscape.  Instead I’ll try to wow you with what I think are amazing geographical tidbits and factoids.  And I’ll start with my favorite.

The first territorial capitol of Illinois,Kaskaskia is now on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

Ludington Michigan and Manitowoc Wisconsin are 57 miles away from each other but 410 driving miles away from each other.

The Amazon River water pushes over 100 miles out into the ocean.  The Colorado River rarely flows into the Gulf of California anymore.

There are only 4 Great Lakes.  Lakes Huron and Michigan are the same body of water.

Everyone knows the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on earth at nearly 1300 feet below sea level, but did you know the Sea of Galilee is in the same rift and lies at 700 feet below sea level?

I remember hearing my grade school teacher saying that all rivers flowed South, a common misconception.  I remember thinking but was too shy to say anything that the worlds longest river, the Nile flows North.

The Atacama Desert in Chile and Bolivia have some places that haven’t recorded rain since the 1800’s. Mt. Waialeale  in Hawaii receives 450 inches per year and has topped 500 inches.

Just read this in National Geographic that a single hectare of Ecuadorian rainforest has as many insect species as all of the US and Canada combined.

A salmon is hatched way up in the still upper reaches of a stream, leaves for his/her life out to the ocean, and then finds the same spot it was hatched by smelling the water of that stream from out in the ocean.

I’ve swam across the Rio Grande to Mexico and got deported back.

Pittsburgh has 700 bridges, many of which I’ve looked at in wonder as I rode with Grandma and Grandpa Schell on the way to meeting at Beechwood Chapel.

Russia is 9 time zones across.  So if the president was going to speak he’d have to speak in the morning so the eastern parts of the country could hear him before going to bed.

Speaking of Russia, it’s our closest neighbor besides Canada and Mexico.  It’s two miles from Little Diomede (US) and Big Diomede (Russia) islands in the Bering Strait make them our third closest neighbor.

You’d travel Northwest to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic through the Panama Canal.

If you get lost in the Everglades just go with the water which gently flows south, eventually, if you don’t get eaten by a Croc, bit by a venomous snake or sunstroke, you’ll end up at the ocean.

Niagara Falls is moving upstream and someday will drain Lake Erie, meaning there will only be 3 Great Lakes.  I wish I’d be around for it, maybe God will let us see from heaven.

A sturgeon tagged in Lake Michigan was caught in the Atlantic Ocean.  That’s a long swim.  A mountain lion found in Connecticut was believed to have come from the Black Hills of South Dakota.  That’s a long hike, although maybe it hitched a ride with someone.

Ok I’m starting to bore you, so what are your favorites?  Do you have favorites?  Let me know!

  1. March 23, 2014 at 9:56 pm

    Sand dunes in Colorado? Weird!
    Cheese heads in Louisiana? Amazing! :o)
    This was fun to read!

    • March 24, 2014 at 12:51 am

      And I think they are the tallest sand dunes in the US! And we’ve discovered a few other cheeseheads in LA, in fact, two live across from Jamie’s girlfriends house and they lived just several miles from our Lily house!

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